Big game

Big game sees Bobo, one of the biggest creatures in the forest destined to spend yet another birthday alone, until a notorious Hunter well at least on ‘’ throws him a killer surprise party. Already credited with such catches as Dracula, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman our Hunter has a cunning plan to finally add Bobo to that ever growing list of Big Game.

¬†Spotting that Bobo just wants some friends to enjoy his special day with, he puts together a killer surprise party (emphasis on killer) and invites a group of hip guests even if they are a bit wooden. Overjoyed at not spending another year alone Bobo doesn’t even question the legitimacy of the whole event and soon find himself drunk and completely wasted on barrels of rat poison.¬† Everything is going great but when you’re on top of the world there is only one place to go.